British Airways no permite que Osama bin Laden viaje por la compañía inglesa

British Airways denies Osama bin Laden flew on airline recently: “


British Airways has been sabotaged! Or so it thinks. The cover of a BA in-house magazine shows an iPhone boarding pass that very clearly has Osama bin Ladens name on the ticket, not to mention his frequent flyer number! Some are trying to pin this unfortunate visual on someone from the airlines cabin crew, which has been striking for a while now. Others are more concerned about how the boarding-pass service could be abused. Tory MP Patrick Mercer says the whole thing exposes ‘how much easier our enemies might find it to get a legitimate boarding pass under a system using mobile phones.’ If nothing else, stunts like these invariably cause media panics that just make flying harder for the rest of us, so its best to discourage them. But credit where its due—giving Osama a cushy first-class seat was pretty funny.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

(Via BrandFreak.)


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