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Anuncio de Tramontina

brilliant tramontina adv: “

brilliant tramontina adv

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Temple Grandin: El mundo necesita todo tipo de mentes

Temple Grandin, diagnosticada con autismo de niña, habla de cómo funciona su mente… compartiendo su capacidad de “pensar en imágenes” que le ayuda a resolver problemas que los cerebros neurotípicos podrían no tener. Ella sostiene que el mundo necesita de la gente del espectro del autismo: los pensadores visuales, los pensadores de patrones, los pensadores verbales, y todo tipo de niños genios.

Las marcas gastan hasta 50% más en publicidad y marketing por el Mundial

Las marcas gastan hasta 50% más en publicidad y marketing por el Mundial: “

Las marcas gastan hasta 50% más en publicidad y marketing por el MundialLa inversión en el primer semestre se verá beneficiada por los desembolsos pensados oara la Copa del mundo. También influyó la celebración del Bicentenario.

Los dos eventos más importantes del año dejarán sus secuelas en la inversión publicitaria.La inversión es tal que, en el caso de Sudáfrica, el número de acciones ya superó a las del mundial de 2006.

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El nuevo consumidor es más reflexivo y globalizado

El nuevo consumidor es más reflexivo y globalizado: “

El nuevo consumidor es más reflexivo y globalizadoSon dos de las características que definen a los compradores actuales a la hora de enfrentarse a las góndolas. El cambio afecta a las marcas, que deben repensar la forma de conquistarlos y mantener la fidelidad ante el surgimiento de nuevos productos.

La ya instalada globalización no sólo se siente en los medios y la cultura, sino que desde las marcas hasta los consumidores se han hecho eco de una nueva forma de vida.

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El futuro se parece más a Facebook sobre el iPad que a Yahoo sobre el PC

El futuro se parece más a Facebook sobre el iPad que a Yahoo sobre el PC: “

El futuro se parece más a Facebook sobre el iPad que a Yahoo sobre el PCEl iPad ya está aquí. El nuevo invento de Apple -mitad iPhone, mitad Tablet PC- ha vendido un millón de unidades en Estados Unidos en su primer mes de vida; en España, donde se comercializa desde el pasado 28 de mayo, ha conseguido colapsar las tiendas y colmar de reservas la web de Apple.

Y es que, como señala Marc Benioff, CEO de, ‘la evolución de la informática personal y empresarial no viene marcada por un PC, ni tan siquiera por un Mac, sino por el nuevo iPad’.

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Chalk: “chalk-puma1.jpg

Designed for the ‘after-hours athlete,’ the Chalk ping-pong table by studio Aruliden for Puma puts a seriously social spin on the game. A chalkboard surface allows players to keep track of the score, claim the next game or provoke opponents with a little written banter, and the convenient compartment underneath safely stores beverages and party favors for the ultimate in casual recreation.

chalk-puma3.jpg chalk-puma2.jpg

Each handmade table features solid ash legs and a steel chain-link net—a major step up from the oft-crude tables tucked away in garages or basements.

Chalk hits The Conran Shop NYC on 3 June 2010, where celebrity table-tennis star Susan Sarandon will battle champions Marty Reisman and Franck ‘Spin’ Raharinosy for its launch. The table will also sell online for $3,900.

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HydraDuo Water Bottle

HydraDuo Water Bottle: “HydraDuoBottle-1.jpg

Ideal for the indecisive or anyone who likes a little variety in their portable beverage choices, the HydraDuo water bottle offers two drink options without having to double fist. Created by the online product development community Quirky—whose luggage scale we previously covered—the reusable BPA-free plastic bottle features two removable 8-oz inner chambers to individually fill with any liquids of your choice.


The bottle’s double-flip top lets you fill and pour from one chamber at a time, while the clear design lets you know when it’s time to refill. Pre-order the water bottle from the Quirky site for $18. When they reach 980 pre-orders, the bottle will go into production (you won’t be charged unless the HydraDuo actually gets made).

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El Disco: Arte conpemporáneo y Vinilo

The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl: “NasherRobinRhodeWheel.jpg

Seizing on the vinyl record as emblematic of music’s evolution in the 20th century, the forthcoming exhibition ‘The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl‘ at the Nasher Museum of Art explores the relationship of sound, artistry and vinyl through the works of 41 artists dating back to 1960.


Dario Robleto melted down Billie Holiday vinyl records, turning them into colorful hand-painted buttons in his aptly titled work ‘Sometimes Billie Is All That Holds Me Together.’ Laurie Anderson‘s hybrid violin and turntable ‘Viophonograph’ (below) and David Byrne‘s original life-sized Polaroid photomontage (the image used on the 1978 Talking Heads album ‘More Songs about Building and Food‘) are some of the more prominent works in the show. William Cordova‘s vinyl column and ‘Recycled Records,’ an early work by Christian Marclay, provocatively incorporate vinyl as a tangible medium.


The show has multiple facets exploring the spectrum of the record player—from art and self expression to emerging technology. The museum commissioned Satch Hoyt to create a 16-foot canoe made from red 45-rpm records, while Xaviera Simmons reached out to musicians Mac McCaughan of Superchunk, Tunde Adebimpe of TV on the Radio and Jim James of My Morning Jacket to compose musical accompaniments to her North Carolina photos. The original songs will play on a 12-inch record as part of her installation. Other noteable artists exhibiting include Jasper Johns, Ed Ruscha, Carrie Mae Weems and Robin Rhode.


The installation ‘Cover to Cover,’ featuring eight artists and musicians who created a narrative strung together by 20 albums, explores the related genre of record label cover art. Crate artists include Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, Rodney Graham, Harrison Haynes, Vic Muniz and Cafi, DJ Rekha and producer 9th Wonder.

The exhibit opens 2 September 2010 and runs through 6 February 2011.

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Ronald McDonald resiste todos los esfuerzos para forzarlo a retirarse

Ronald McDonald resisting all efforts to force him into retirement: “


Ronald McDonald isnt going anywhere anytime soon, according to McDonalds CEO Jim Skinner, who flatly refused to put the burger-peddling clown out to pasture at a recent shareholders meeting. For those of you who dont know what hes referring to, a group called Corporate Accountability International has called for Ronalds retirement, calling him ‘a pied piper drawing youngsters all over the world to food that is high in fat, sodium and calories,’ and insisting that he is ‘sending insidious messages to young people.’ McDonalds thinks its critics are overreacting, and to be fair, CAI obviously isnt familiar with the companys psychedelic era, which was probably worse for children than any of its current marketing. Its also worth mentioning that a mascot is only as good or bad as the product it represents, and going after Ronald McDonald isnt nearly as useful as targeting the nutritional content and business practices of his parent company. That said, if McDonalds could put Ronald to work shilling healthier food choices for kids, that would be great, too. As long as they dont go too retro on his costume.

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British Airways no permite que Osama bin Laden viaje por la compañía inglesa

British Airways denies Osama bin Laden flew on airline recently: “


British Airways has been sabotaged! Or so it thinks. The cover of a BA in-house magazine shows an iPhone boarding pass that very clearly has Osama bin Ladens name on the ticket, not to mention his frequent flyer number! Some are trying to pin this unfortunate visual on someone from the airlines cabin crew, which has been striking for a while now. Others are more concerned about how the boarding-pass service could be abused. Tory MP Patrick Mercer says the whole thing exposes ‘how much easier our enemies might find it to get a legitimate boarding pass under a system using mobile phones.’ If nothing else, stunts like these invariably cause media panics that just make flying harder for the rest of us, so its best to discourage them. But credit where its due—giving Osama a cushy first-class seat was pretty funny.

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