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Primeras Jornadas Nacionales de Prensa y Comunicación

El jueves 9 y 10 de septiembre de 2010 de 8:00 a 18:00 tendrán lugar las Primeras Jornadas Nacionales de PRENSA Y COMUNICACIÓN en el Paseo La Plaza, Sala Pablo Picasso, Av. Corrientes 1660, C.A.B.A., Argentina. Están dirigidas al área de comunicación, marketing y recursos humanos, encargados de prensa del sector público, privado y sector sin fines de lucro, instituciones, organismos gubernamentales y políticos, periodistas, consultores, funcionarios, profesionales independientes, fundaciones, asociaciones, cámaras, federaciones y estudiantes de carreras afines.

Tienen como objetivos capacitarse y perfeccionarse en el uso de las nuevas técnicas y herramientas de prensa y comunicación, conocer el funcionamiento de los medios de comunicación y el pensamiento de los periodistas, cómo diseñar y gestionar estrategias de comunicación para el sector privado, público y tercer sector y ser un lugar de intercambio de experiencias y de encuentro con profesionales del sector. Para mayor información ingresar en


Cómo funcionan los Medios de Comunicación. Relaciones Públicas. Estrategias de Prensa. Prensa y Comunicación en la Gestión Pública. Prensa y Comunicación en el Sector Privado. Prensa y Comunicación para Organizaciones del Sector Social. Comunicación de Crisis. Ceremonial y Protocolo como herramienta de Comunicación. Estrategias de Comunicación Digitales e Interactivas. Comunicación en la Web 2.0. Análisis de Campañas de Comunicación y Prensa. Cómo puede conseguir clientes el Consultor en Comunicación.


Robin Laight,  Estrategias de Prensa y Comunicación

LK Comunicación Estratñegica

Robin Laight
J.E. Uriburu 115, Piso 6, Estudio M
C1027AAC Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. (54-11) 4953-8717
CEL. 15-4097-2616

The Dieline’s Latest Top 10 Package Designs

The Dieline’s Latest Top 10 Package Designs: “

1. Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

Grimm Brothers holds on to the lead this week! See all top 10 posts below.

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I love those bike helmets from Good

I love those bike helmets from Good

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FedEx: Loading Bar

FedEx: Loading Bar

In this contextual execution, FedEx demonstrates their fast, reliable delivery abilities. The video is intended for online only and is placed in front of content that requires downloading.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
David Lubars: Chairman, Chief Creative Officer, North America
Greg Hahn: Executive Creative Director
Michael Smith: Executive Creative Director
Jason Lucas: Senior Creative Director
Adam Calvert: Copywriter
John James: Art Director
Kimberly Clark: Producer
Production Company: Oil Factory
Director: Tomorrow’s Brightest Minds
Edit House: Lost Planet
Editor: Bruce Herrman
Visual Effects Company: Spontaneous

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Association For Smoker Awareness, World No Tabacco Day: Calendar

Association For Smoker Awareness, World No Tabacco Day: Calendar

Today is the World No Tobacco Day.
But it shouldn’t just be today.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, Brazil
Art Director: Daniel Leitão
Copywriter: Silvio Amorim
Creative Directors: Márcio Ribas, Wilson Mateos
Executive Creative Director: Alexandre Gama
Art Buyer: Mariah Bayeux
Photography: Shutterstock
Digital Retouch: Alexandre Correa
Artwork: Edgar Lopes
Producers: Daniel Terlizzi, Kiyoshi Takahashi
Account Managers: Luiz Tosi, Andreia Tecchio
Advertiser’s Supervisor: Mário Albanese, Luiz Carlos Martins Mônaco

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How Levis sponsored America viral video / De cómo Levis esponsoreó un video viral

Levis walk across america

Earlier today, I said that the popular new ‘Guy Walks Across America’ video would make a great tourism ad for the United States, but there was already some grumbling across the Web that the YouTube sensation is actually a promotion for Levi’s. So I went straight to the source, the young filmmakers at Conscious Minds, and asked them to clarify whether their work is indeed a ‘Levi’s viral.’ Their answer highlights the blurry line between sponsorship and marketing when it comes to online content. ‘We came up with the concept and idea ourselves and pitched it to Levi’s to get a sponsor to help fund the project,’ said Blake Heal, VP of Development for Conscious Minds, in an e-mail to AdFreak. ‘They loved the authenticity of the project and our pioneering spirit and provided us with a sponsorship to execute our vision.’ Heal wouldn’t give a total dollar figure for Levi’s support, but he said the company ‘covered gas, food and production resources – and of course 501s for the whole crew.’ So is the video a Levi’s viral promotion in the style of Stride Gum’s ‘Where the Hell is Matt?’, or is it more in the tradition of a theatrical production being sponsored by a corporation? In the end, it’s largely a debate of semantics, one that I’d hate to see overshadow the fact that this is, unquestionably, an incredible work of art.

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Did this tweet merit a $70K copywriting job?

Hired for a tweet

Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. exec Mike McKays idea of hiring a copywriter based on a
single funny tweet
seemed like bad idea jeans from the get-go. Still, even
with low expectations, he might have set the industry back by choosing a
dick joke. The winning tweet, which earned Jonathan Pelleg a $70,000-a-year
writing job: ‘You have to be concise on Twitter. Like a circumcision,
everything extra gets cut off whether you like it or not.’ Really? Let’s
see, the usual knock on agency creative departments is they’re sophomoric male
bastions. Doesn’t look like that’s changing anytime soon. Leaving aside how
much this kind of contest trivializes ad writing jobs, it doesn’t seem like
a good strategy for finding talent. Twitter is mostly ephemera, posted and
soon forgotten. Sure, you can probably find good writing talent there, but
you’re more likely to find it in those who day in, day out write great stuff others feel compelled to share. That’s a needed skill in advertising, perhaps even
more so than a circumcision one-liner.

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