What is a brand anymore, anyway?

Branding used to be simple…..create a product, define the story and tell Bottles people about it. People then buy and decide if it is telling the truth..if so buy again, if not choose something else. Simple – she says tongue in cheek of course…

Branding is more complex now, yet simplicity lies in that complexity! Now I believe branding is not about the product and the story you create. Branding is in so many ways the conversation, branding is defined by the market, branding can be influenced not created. 

Branding for me is about influence.

  • Branding is about creating not just a product but a product or service which gives people something to talk about…
  • Branding is about creating great memories which people want to share…..memories of using it, memories of the service you give, memories of how the person felt….
  • Branding is not what you create, it is about what your actions cause others to create….therefore influencing is more persuasive than telling.
  • Branding is about being the party host….if people are going to talk then why not get them to have those conversations under your own roof. So branding has moved from being a lecturer to being the convivial party host.


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