Was Apple behind impromptu iPhone concert on NY subway?

Was Apple behind impromptu iPhone concert on NY subway?

Indie-ish rock band Atomic Tom played a free, impromptu iPhone concert on an NYC subway last week after their equipment was stolen, so naturally some people assumed that it was a publicity stunt set up by Apple to guerrilla market a product that almost every American owns already. Whether it was real or staged is kind of a useless question, because either way its still advertising the iPhone by using it to problem-solve. Not everyone needs an ad agency to be creative, you know. But beyond that, the most amusing part of this story is how unremarkable it is—people play free music on real instruments in subway stations and other public thoroughfares all the time. What people should be asking after all this is whether a band that can recreate their music on iPhone instrument simulators is really worth listening to (hint: no theyre not).

(Via BrandFreak.)