Sienna Minivan Video Taps Your Inner Rapper

Sienna Minivan Video Taps Your Inner Rapper: “

Few things say that you spend most of your time driving kids to soccer games and making cupcakes for bake sales than being seen behind the wheel of a minivan. It fairly shouts that you have a house in the suburbs with a square patch of lawn in front and a kid’s swing set in the backyard, and are more likely to spend weekends at a petting zoo than at a trendy art opening. Parenting is cool, but it isn’t COOL like Kanye West, hip-hop, rapper cool, if you know what I mean. This funny video ad tackles this stigma head-on by having a middle-class, middle-aged couple rap proudly about making jell-o molds, changing diapers and owning a Toyota Sienna Minivan, which they refer to as their ‘Swagger Wagon.’ Created by Saatchi & Saatchi, the video has gone viral and spawned a whole series of new Swagger Wagon commercials.

(Via @Issue Journal of Business & Design.)


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