9 Interesting Infographics About Color

Color, one of the most overlooked and yet important elements to our every day lives. Because of the makeup of our brains, and the correlations between sight and perception, we are affected on a very deep level by color. Perhaps even more than we are affected by shape, or any other sense in the mind and body.

But color can relate to a great many things, even changing the way we think and feel. Check out these fantastic infographics about color and the way it is set in our world.

1. Psychology of Color

Psychology of Color

Many designers focus heavily on color schemes when they are working on logos, graphics or layouts. This is because the way a color is laid out will ultimately affect the impression and overall mood of the viewer. This infographic describes how each color maes a viewer feel, giving you an idea of how they will perceive your design.

2. What Your Web Design Says About You

What your Web Design Says About You

Going a little bit deeper, this site is also made to show you how certain colors create certain feelings in the viewer. They provide information on a lot of the in-between colors, such as light blue verses indigo, or pink vs. white or red. They peg it as ‘Color Science’, and show you how to properly utilize it for your own benefit.

3. How Color Affects Our Purchases

How Color Affects Our Purchases

Color affects more than mood, it also changes our buying habits. According to studies, there is an 80percent change depending on color when it comes to online shops, ads and campaigns. This site provides tips on each color, to show you how you can aggressively or subtely call to your market.

4. Using Color in Graphic Design

Using Color in Graphic Design

A great, printable reference sheet that shows how colors can be used more effectively in marketing.

5. Most Powerful Colors On the Web

Ever wonder what the best colors on the web are? Using a study based on logos of the most influential and powerful companies on the web, they compiled an infographic that works as a list. From the dominating blue of Facebook, to the red of YouTube, this is a must see.

6. What Different Colors Mean Around the World

What Different Colors Mean Around the World

Extremely interesting, this infographic tells you about colors and their associations from around the globe. From anger and jealousy, to virtue and bravery, the meanings can be interesting, and sometimes ever surprising.

7. Colors and Flags

Colors and Flags

An interesting infographic, this is a great way to teach the flags of nations to children. The pie charts show how much of each color is on the flag, and you can guess which one it is. Clicking on it reveals the flag itself, and the nation it comes from.

8. Color Preference By Gender

Color Preference By Gender

This study set out to find the preference of colors by gender, to see the difference based on brain biology. While many were similar, others had a wide difference, such as the male majority liking blue, and females liking purple.

9. The Color of Twitter

The Color of Twitter

The creators of this infographic went through Twitter to find the most prevalent background colors used on profiles by users. This, they say, gives us the ‘Color of Twitter’. You might surprised by the results.

Color is a huge part of us, and of our general experience in life. Taking the time to realize how it affects us, from mood to thought patterns, will give us a baseline to calculate the relevance whereever we may need it. So next time you are making a media campaign, or just selecting new paint for your walls, keep in mind that what you choose is more important than looking pretty.

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9 Interesting Infographics About Color

(Via Inspired Magazine.)


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