How are Mac & PC People Different?

In an infographic that’s bound to cause arguments and perhaps fistfights, researchers at Hunch placed data from about 700,000 of its website visitors onto a deep illustration that shows just how different users of Macs and PCsare.

They came up with interesting correlations between users’ chosen computing platforms and their demographics and personalities, as well as tastes in food, fashion and media.

Did it sort out like a comparison between Tea Party members and liberals? Are PC users geeks and Mac users hipsters, in keeping with common stereotypes? Almost. Mac users are more educated, eat more hummus, prefer modern art over impressionist art, and are 21% more likely than PC users to say that two random people are more alike than different.

Dive into the infographic below (feel free to click the graphic for an enlargement), full of insights and data, drawn from a huge sample. Of course, there are exceptions to every trend. Please let us know in the comments if you think its data is accurate or not.

Infographic courtesy Hunch, used with permission


2 responses to “How are Mac & PC People Different?

  1. Did anyone bother to ask Piccaso what brand of brush he uses? No they didn’t because it’s not important.

  2. impica2pixel

    No, they didn’t ask Picasso? Or no, it wasn’t important what brand of brushes Picasso used? I’m quite positive he used the brushes that worked best for him, for sure, not dime store brushes… Hence that brand was important to him, and highly likely the finest brushes or tools his money could buy.

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